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    Sort effect on parameter

    Tony Alderton

      Hi everyone,


      Please see attached packaged workbook.

      I have created a workbook that allows the user to select a school, and then that school is compared to another 9 'like' schools based on their rank on another variable.

      I then compare the schools performance on another variable (an exam result).


      The issue is when I sort the schools alphabetically I get one group of ten, but when I sort based on the values of the exam result I get a different ten (school 269 drops out and school 159 shows up in the example). I dont want this to happen as the ten schools should be fixed for each school regardless of the exam result used or the sorting method.


      I am guessing this might be an 'order of operations' issue, but I am not sure and dont know how to solve it.


      Any ideas would be gratefully received.


      Thanks everyone.

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Tony,


          I'm not 100% sure of your requirement, but have you tried dragging the rank calculation into the viz ? I've pictured it sorted on your Top Two Bands percentage as it was easier for me to understand the figures as a histogram.


          With the rank calculation inside the viz canvas area, the ranks do not appear to be resorting when you change the sort on the school pill like you detailed in your question, I tried a few different sort options. I also hid it from the view so that it didn't affect your viz layout.