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    Filter over partition of dimension

    Chris Hight


      I am working on a project and I am fairly new to Tableau.  I have a set of measurements that are taken off of a machine during a job of product creation.  I've been asked to visualize some of this data and for the front page the engineers would like to see it presented as a box and whisker setup.  I've loaded in the data and Its just far too much to see side by side with the quantity of jobs we do.


      My question:

      I would like to make all the data available to the user but when the page first loads I want this to be minimal.  When the sheet first loads I would like only a certain quantity of jobs to show up from each machine.  The ideal situation would be to have the most recent three job numbers show up for each instrument. The problem I have with this is the data is typically bulk uploaded so dates in the database don't always equal the most recent jobs.


      Is there a way to partition over machine and then choose to show the highest three job numbers (represented as integers) while also allowing the consumer to also be able to add additional jobs to the filter after load?


      Sorry I can't really attach the workbook I have some NDAs holding me back from sharing this sort of thing.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Chris McClellan

          You might have to create some dummy data so we can see the format of the data.


          From what you've described, I'd create a measure using INDEX() and a table calculation to only show the last 3.  You might also want a parameter so the user can change 3 to be any number (and set some limits on that as well).


          But supplying some dummy data to show the problem easier would be a great start

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            Jim Dehner

            first welcome to tableau and the forum

            a little difficult to visualize the issue without seeing the book but see the superstore analogy attached


            this will filter the data to the last 3 dates per subcategory


            you can then use it to create a text chart


            or a bar and whisker (or other ) chart


            to your second issue the way users add data to Tableau is either through uploading a table to join (or union) with the existing data or through parameters - parameters are singled value selections from a prior set limited set - not appropriate for what you are suggesting



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