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    How to avoid double counting?

    Brendan Mackie

      I'm a history grad student, working with a bunch of arms trade data.


      In my database, I have IDs associated with multiple countries. In the year 1862, for instance, one record states "England, Scotland and Ireland", and so this ID is associated with three different countries: England, Scotland and Ireland. When I sum up all the activity in 1862, it treats these three countries as different instances, triple counting the data. In 1862, for instance, there should be $1615 of gunpowder exported from the US; the calculation I have triple counts the amount for "England, Scotland and Ireland" ($15) making the total $1645.


      I've attached the packaged workbook.


      I assume that I have to make a calculated field, but I'm not sure exactly what to do to ONLY count one of these values?


      I've (of course) attached a packaged workbook.