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    Subscriptions by email to separated employees

    Scott Henry

      Hi wonderful Tableau Community!


      My problem: I have a separated employee who receives a subscription to a view that contains private data to their email. They still have their domain email account and will for the foreseeable future. Obviously, I can just remove their subscription. However, why does Tableau allow to send a subscription to a user that doesn't have access to that view? If I go and try to add a subscription for a user that doesn't have access, I get an appropriate error message, that 'could complete subscription for n subscribers'. Further, if I try to add that same user who is receiving the private data via email, and try to add them again, I get the error message that they can't be added. But Tableau doesn't know to stop sending subscriptions to people that no longer have access? That seems like I would have to manually remove users every time? We're on server 10.5.2.


      Any ideas on how to address this? To me, this seems like a big fat bug!