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    Colouring a variable width bar chart based on a different dimension

    Kathryn Berry

      I have created the following variable width bar chart to show the cumulative spend in 2016 by project name with IRR on the y axis.


      I want to colour the individual bars based on a different dimension - the channel of trade group.


      I have tried to create a combination dimension to use as the label on this

      [Channel Of Trade (group)] + [Project Title]


      And then create a calculation of this to do the colours along these lines

      if contains([combination for piano chart],'Lubricants') then 1

      elseif contains ([combination for piano chart],"Retail") then 2

      else 0



      However if I then move this into the colour it just filters out those fields rather than putting in different colours.


      Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong here?


      Many thanks



      bar chart.png