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    Site Roles Upgrading to 2018.2 from 2018.1

    Michael Enos

      We are testing the upgrade to 2018.2 from 2018.1 in our development environment.  We are on the core-based license model and when we upgraded from 10.5 to 2018.1, the core-based roles remained the same with Site Administrator, Publisher and Interactor.  Our server admin is using the new TSM tool and now our site roles have changed to the user-based roles.  I just want to make certain that this how all the roles will now be in 2018.2 or should the admin be changing something in the upgrade tool to keep the core-based roles.

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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi Michael

          For 2018.2 you should be aware that the Read Only site role (that was rolled out in 2018.1) is now deprecated. So any users assigned to that role will now be reassigned to the Viewer site role in 2018.2

          What's Changed - Things to Know Before You Upgrade


          You could ask the server or site administrator to go into the Users area and review some of the Site Roles you have for folks to make sure you're happy with them, but apart from the Viewer change I don't think you'll see anything else different in 2018.2.

          Site Role.JPG

          "When you add users to a site on Tableau Server or Tableau Online, independent of their license type, you must apply a site role to them. The site role signifies the maximum level of access a user can have on the site."    Set Users’ Site Roles



          Hope this helps


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