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    Join problem with "Getting Started" sample datasets - bug?

    David Hager

      Getting Started video uses sample datasets to demonstrate an inner and left join.  In the tutorial video, with the left join, null values are appropriately shown in cells for which the right dataset (the “Returns” .csv file) has no associated values in the left dataset (“Orders” Excel sheet)


      However, in my Tableau installations, when I request a left join (using the exact steps in the tutorial video and with the same sample datasets), what I see is the same result as the inner join. This happens also if I try to then do an outer join.


      This problem exists with installations on two different machines, and after a full re-installation of the product on one of the machines.


      Tableau Desktop Professional Edition 2018.2.0 (20182.18.0627.2230) 64 bit



      Getting Started tutorial:


      What happens with my installations (two different machines) when I do the same thing with the same sample dataset.

      So ... am I just missing something really obvious ... or is this a bug?