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    Adding excel file as a datasource to Tableau Server datasource

    Riikka Keskinen



      I'm quite new Tableau user and I tried to google an answer to my problem but I didn't find any. I have accounting data in Tableau Server from our accounting software and I have created an Excel file of our organizational structure (so that we can report different kinds of groups of cost pools). The connective dimension between the Excel file and accounting data is number of a cost pool. I have also created an Excel file to classify accounts into certain groups so that the connective dimension between this Excel file and accounting data is a number of an account.


      I would like to add these Excel files to the Tableau server data of accounting but I have no idea how to do that, so could you please help me? I can combine to Excel-files in Tableau but now when I was trying to combine an Excel file to Tableau server I didn't find any way to do it.