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    Tableau POC

    Manicka Sudhan K

      I would like to do a POC in tableau which should be based out of some new features in tableau. Can anyone suggest?

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Is that POC is only about to show the feature/capabilities of Tableau or creating viz using their data with some latest feature of tableau?


          My personal opinion regarding any POC


          • First of all we've to understand the business requirement of the client very well. Sit with their business guys and try understand their queries which they are looking for the answer from the data.

          • Next most important you should have proper knowledge to understand their data. Like level of details, granularity of the data etc.

          • Now when you come to tableau you main intention should be get valuable insight from the data which can be useful for your client.

          • If you're able get insight from a simple bar/line chart then you should use classic chart which I believe accepted by the majority of clients

          • If you're only focusing on to show the features of tableau then go for live demo and create a simple chart with some story. Let them see live how easy is to create any chart from opening window of tableau interface, connecting a source, setting the meta data of source, explain little bit about the connection type (live/extract), data source filter and so on. Explain about Hyper previously which was .tde.

          • Then explain the data pane (dimension/measure) and start creating chart. Let them be comfortable with the tool. Create a story telling viz. Make it interactive using action. If you want to use the latest feature then you use Viz in tool-tip, if your clients data has mapping information then you can use spatial joins.

          Once done then publish the dashboard in tableau web server and show them the interface of web server. Tell them about subscription,alerts ect. Many more....


          Hope this might give you some brief understanding. Let us know if this help.



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            Manicka Sudhan K

            Hi Mahafooj ,


            Thanks for your info. As you mentioned, I would like to create a VIZ in a

            sample data or super store data by adding more new features to show to a

            client. I got it as you mentioned new features like "Viz in Tooltip",

            "Spatial Join etc.. The client wants to cover more new features in the

            sample data VIZ. Please let me know what other new features can be covered and

            impress for clients with Tableau new features. It would be really helpful

            you advice on this. Thanks in advance.







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              Manicka Sudhan K

              I want to create a viz  adding Tableau more new features in a sample excel data. Can anyone tell what are the new features can add up in VIZ attractively.?