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    Compare Running Total (12 Months) for this Year and Previous Year

    Sing Yan Ang



      Net Value
      Running Total (12 Months)
      March 20161000
      April 20162000
      May 20163000
      June 20164000
      July 20165000
      August 20161000
      September 20161000
      October 20161000
      November 20161000
      December 20161000
      January 20171000
      February 20171000
      March 2017100022000
      April 2017100021000
      May 2017100019000
      June 2017100016000
      July 2017100012000
      August 2017100012000
      September 2017100012000
      October 2017100012000
      November 2017100012000
      December 2017100012000
      January 2018100012000
      February 2018100012000
      March 2018100012000
      April 2018100012000


      I used the above code to successfully obtain the 12-month running sum at each month. However, is there a way that I can compare this amount for a specific month in this year and that in the previous year by using two line graphs? E.g. Rolling 12 months for March 2017 vs March 2018, April 2017 and April 2018. I tried doing this with two 'MONTH' variable in columns and fixing the range for one of the axis to start 1 year later as shown below. However, I will face a problem in future when data from newer months are added. Thanks in advance!