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    While trying to copy Previous Column Value ,it is getting Impacted if i apply filter.

    Aakash Balabhadruni

      Hi ,


      I am trying to copy the Previous Cell if the current cell is Null.To achieve this i am using this formula
      IIF(ISNULL( SUM([Running Total])), PREVIOUS_VALUE(SUM([Running Total])) ,SUM([Running Total]))
      and this is working fine .

      But i am facing a challenge when i apply filter on date column . When i try to apply filter on date column values are getting changed to NULL .
      First Text column is not picking its previous column value if it is NULL.

      Image Descripton:-

      In the first half of image no filter is applied so the values for its corresponding months are Nov,2016 -->-4633 Dec,2016-->-4633 Jan,2017 -->-4633

      But after applying the filter for the month Jan,2017, its corresponding cell has become empty but i want the value as -4633 as it is even after applying the filter.


      Attached .twbx