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    Action filter issue

    avinash v

      Hi Friends,



      Very urgent requirement Please help me in this .


      In our requirement, We have made monthly calculations like (FYTD,MTD QTD..etc) for two widgets .From the figure 1 below we have created twelve months bar chart trend and given actions to each bar ,so that we can analyze the entire dashboard on month on month basis.We have created another which shows budget ,actual and previous year comparisons for all months shown in fig2.


      Our Requirement is if user clicks on any one bar in from fig1 it should show present month in actual bar chart and corresponding previous month in previous in fig2.  For example if a user click on jan 2018 it should reflect jan2018 month in actual and feb2018 month in previous .


      All details are clearly clarified in images.


      Any leads will be helpful.