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    Compare percentage change with Date Range Filter

    Nguyen Cong Thanh

      Hi i currently new to tableau, i'm trying to compare percentage sale change from user input Date Range ( start day, end day). For example : user input start day : 1/13/2015, end date : 1/17/2015 ( that would be 5 day),  and  there would be a column to compare change from last 5 day ( would be 1/8/2015 to 1/12/2015), the day length depends on the user input (if from 1/13/2015 to 1/20/2015 that would be 8 day, it's dymanic i think). So if the input date(1/13/2015, end date : 1/17/2015 ) have the sum value is : 4000, then it would compare with ( 1/8/2015 to 1/12/2015) sum value : 2000 that would be increase 100%. i have tried to be specific as i can and sorry for my bad english. Thanks for anyhelp