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    Mixing aggregate with non-aggregate measure

    Kanupriya Dhiman

      Hi Experts


      I am facing a well known error that I am trying to fix it since sometime but no solution yet. I have calculated a field called as AR% which is nothing but an aggregated measure of some dimensions (workbook attached). What I want now is to have different calculated fields for this measure i.e. AR% for the year 2017 & AR% for the year 2018. I am trying to create a calculated field by enclosing the date field (accept_date) in this case by ATTR function, but it is not giving me the numbers and resulting in null. Mainly because it requires that date field to be present in the view for this to work.


      So basically, I want the AR% to be separated in various parts like AR% for 2017, AR% for 2018 & so on.


      Is there any LOD expression that I can use here? I am working on the working version tab.


      Appreciate your help here!