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    How to do a count distinct based off another calculation

    Kelly C



      I'm  having some trouble trying to write the correct LOD calculation.  I have so many calculations upon calculations that I'm not sure how to connect them, but essentially what I'm trying to do is write two formulas:


      1) The first formula is something like this:  Where I want to COUNT DISTINCT by Case ID the times that "In - Process - Untimely" appears in the calculation Calc Combined ack Timeliness.  Currently, this formula that I have attached does a count distinct by case ID but not specific to "In Process - Untimely"  I'm wondering what revision I need to make to this field without dragging the Calc Combined Ack Timeliness to the Filter and selecting "In Process - Untimely"

      THEN my second calculation should do this

      2)  Once I get the above calculation to work, I will apply that same logic to 2 other field names replacing the "In Process  - Untimely" with "Untimely" and "Timely".  Then want to be able to add the 3 calculations to look like the below, with all 3 fields adding to a distinct count by case ID of the three.


      My apologies if that was confusing - I'm frustrated and confused with this.  I've attached the workbook with all the calculations I've been using.

      All help is much appreciated!