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    Need to shade columns based off particular dimension members and use two color conditions

    Amit Parihar

      The attached workbook is as similar as I could make to my original dashboard.


      Sales Dimension Color: I originally used a calculation to color dimension. The requirement is to color the columns for three specific dimension member, and I can't change the order. Problem is when it is expanded there are gaps



      The reason being, there is no value of the row member for that particular column header.


      Sales Measure Color: This sheet is not the problem. The issue here is that I need to combine this coloring scheme in the first sheet. So, not only do I need to shade the dimension members as stated above, I also need to color based on the threshold value parameter. I can't seem to be able to get both of them together. Tableau seems to be able to add only one color at a time.


      Please find attached the workbook. Tableau Version is 10.5.0 and source data is SQL Server. Let me know if more details are required.


      Thank you for your help.