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    Important: Tableau Licensing Server is Moving

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      What's Happening?

      The Tableau Licensing service is moving into a different datacenter. During the migration, key creation, activation, and registrations will be unavailable.  After migration, if you rely on static IPs to access Tableau activation or registration services, then you will no longer be able to access these services and will be required to update your configurations.

      Who is affected?

      All customers attempting to activate or register Tableau products will be unable to do so while the migration is in process.  In addition, if you rely on static IP white listing or have a special local configurations that allow you to access licensing.tableau.com or licensing.tableausoftware.com, you will be impacted.  You will need to update your local configuration to activate, deactivate, or refresh the product keys for Tableau products after the migration is complete.


      The Licensing service was migrated on Saturday, October 6, 2018 to a different datacenter.

      What needs to be done?

      Any special configuration that allows access to licensing.tableau.com or licensing.tableausoftware.com beyond standard DNS resolution will need to be updated. Examples of this include outbound firewall whitelisting or local hosts file updates.

      Please note that changing how Tableau Licensing DNS is resolved is not a recommended or supported configuration of Tableau software. These configurations are used at your own risk and can change without notice.

      If there are any questions after the migration is complete, please visit https://www.tableau.com/support/case.

      How Can I Test This Change?

      Unfortunately, you will be unable to test licensing functionality until after our migration date.  Post-migration, navigating to the below addresses using any web browser should render a simple "Test success." page.