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    rank percentile with only one selected

    anil saini

      Hi experts,

      I am using superstore data. Based on the sales, I am using Rank percentile to find out who all customers falls in below ranges.


      range 1: top 5 % of customers(percentile 100-95)

      range 2: top 5-20 % (percentile 95-80)

      range 3: 20-50 % (percentile 80-50)

      range 4: 50-100% (percentile 50-0)


      I want to represent this information in the below format


      there should be a line with 0-100% of customers

      I have a parameter which has all the customer names. and when I select Customer name (e.g: Anil Kumar Saini which has 72 percentile. this customer falls in range 2.

      the triangle under the line should shift accordingly(ranging 0-100%)



      Can anyone help me how to achieve this? or please suggest any other clean way to represent the same.


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      Appreciate your help guys.