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    Sheet swapping: Visulisations stack on top of one another, rather than taking up full space within the container

    Laurence Turner

      Hi All,


      I have created a parameter "Bar/Pie" (and a corresponding calculated field pointing to the parameter) that allows the user to switch between showing a bar chart and a pie chart. This works really nicely - however I am unable to get the bar chart and pie chart to interchange within the same container space on my dashboard. Does anyone have any tips on how to resolve this?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwr71MF51D8&t=771s


      I would like to replicate what is being shown in this explanation video here: Tableau Sheet Swapping using multiple parameter and dynamically change the measure values - YouTube
      (where the bar chart and the trend chart sit in the same space on the dashboard, and we do not get a divide between the two visulisations within the container)




      Screenshots below (with some details removed for confidentiality)


      Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered,