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    Renaming initial user in cloned environment

    Rahul Khandelwal

      Hello everyone,


      I have one UAT server in which I created one initial user with name say "ABC_UAT". Now, i have cloned that server for our production environment and same initial user is created there.

      But, we do not want user with name UAT in prod server. So, i want to rename or if possible, create new initial user with server admin rights.


      As far as i know, Tableau only allows to create initial user if it doesn't have one. So, one option could be to delete this and create new one. But, we have more than 50 dashboards

      with owner as "ABC_UAT", so we have to change owner first for all before deleting i suppose.


      Please suggest if there is any way around for this issue.

      P.S.- We have Tableau server installed on LINUX.