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    Difference between an Extract created from TDE(Published datasource) and from DB

    Rohan Singh

      Hi All,

      Till now for all our workbooks we were embedding the data within Tableau workbooks(.twbx). And as mentioned by Tamas Foldi in his blog that TDE is slower as compared to embedded data extracts because we are adding one more layer between viz and data when we use TDE. We tested it also and TDE was slower. This was in the case of 9.3.x

      Now we upgraded to 10.5.6 and we saw a sudden drop in our workbook performance. We contacted the Tableau support team and they asked us to try TDE(Hyper).

      So when using we have two option:

      1. Connect to the published data source LIVE: With this, the performance degraded more. Expected.
      2. Create an EXTRACT from the published data source: With this, the performance improved exponentially  . Workbook which was taking 12-13 sec on avg. with the embedded data source, it's now taking 1-2 sec on avg. with TDE(published datasource).


      The thing I am not able to understand is, in both the cases it's an extract. In case of embedded datasource, we are creating extract using our database and in case of TDE we are creating extract using TDE(published datasource).

      If would love to know what Tableau has changed in Hyper and what is the difference between the above mentioned two Extracts.

      If someone has any links or info about it, please let me know.