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    Cant open/find TSM in 2018.2 server

    Al Reynolds

      Hi Guys


      not sure if I am doing something stupid.


      I installed 2018.2 server on the weekend. All fine and TSM worked via browser no problem. We rebooted the server today (due to network problems), tableau server auto-started on reboot and working fine. We cant however get into the TSM consol.


      If I try via web, and use localhost:8850 I get page cant be displayed error

      no difference if I try http/https etc


      Not sure if there is an issue with port 8850 ??


      It all worked fine before, after reboot now not happy.


      I also cant connect via the command line as this also seems to want to connect to localhost/8850 to authenticate.


      Anyone else had similar issues?


      I am doing all of this directly on the windows 2012 server. Fortunately 2018.2 autostart on login as failing that I would not be able to start the server.