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    Count of persons in each location on map and create filter

    Michael McNenny

      I am trying to create a filter to find the number of persons who work in each location on a map a create a filter to find.  As example, I have 5 locations with one person; 2 locations with 2 persons; 1 location with 4 persons; 1 location with 5 persons; and 1 location with 27 persons.  The unique identifier for each location is call the 'CRD Number'. I thought I could use a COUNTD function off this field but couldn't not get it to work for the results I'm looking for.  What I want to do is to create a filter so that user can choose which locations meet the criteria using a filter (i.e., if user wants to display only the locations with 1 or 2 persons working there, there should be a filter that allows the user to select 1 and 2.  The expected result would be to show 7 locations on the map).  Thanks in advance for any comments.