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    Need help with 'Extract Not Found' error

    Sujin Ra

      Hello, I am a student, using Tableau with a student license.

      I am currently using Macbook for my personal computer to learn tableau from Tableau learning.

      I did download the workbook(TWBX file) from the learning page and whenever I tried to save the file, it keeps showing the error message of 'Extract Not Found'.

      I use the same license at my university (window based computer), but it doesn't have any issue there.

      So I was a wonder, is there a special thing that I have to install in mac for using Tableau? I tried to contact Tableau help but they said with the student license they can only help with installing tableau... So anyone has the same issue before?


      Thank you for help in advanced.


      Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 4.29.03 PM.png