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    Changing Filters by chart actions

    Adam Paruk



      I have a problem with filtering my dashboards using Tableau actions.

      I have two dashboards:

      1. Has two charts on it one showing a count per category and another showing historical trends for the selected category (or all summed together).
      2. Has all the detailed transactions of said categories

      When I press on the count chart the historical trend gets filtered to that category and when I click on the historical one it takes me to the second dashboard. The problem is that when I press the historical dashboard it doesn't filter by category it only does time. When I try to set the field manually it says that the field is missing in the chart:

      It does work if I manually select the filter on the side but not if I filter it via the count chart.

      Does anyone know how to overcome this?

      I can't send the workbook over, due to sensitive data.