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    Drop Down Menu Parameter Configuration

    Henry  Shum



      I'm following up on a Chinese pollution data project started by someone who was using Tableau. Unfortunately, that person has left the project a while ago and is too busy to respond to my inquiries.


      In the second attached workbook and screenshot, she created a parameter using the relevant measures (pollution indicators). What she did after that is not too clear to me. I think she coded a measure that would display the parameter she just created. Then, she somehow managed to create a drop down menu of the different pollution indicators so that when you select a pollution indicator, you will only see data for that pollution indicator when you hover over a Chinese province. The drop down menu contains the newly coded measure.


      In the first attached workbook and screenshot, I am trying to replicate what she did with one of the datasets of the project, but to no success. When I hover over a province, I see the data for all of the pollution indicators instead of just one pollution indicator. Could anyone help me with this problem?


      Thanks in advance!