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    Tableau 10.5

    Tyson  Sam

      I have created a workbook with two dashboards (four filter options) using single Oracle table as a data source, one is Main Dashboard and another is Details (which is the associated details of Main dashboard). The Main dashboard has all the bar charts and summarized worksheets and the Details dashboard has the raw data i.e. displaying the columns as is from the Oracle table.The Main dashboard and Details are connected through Actions.The whole idea is to make sure Users use the Main dashboard and drill down to details from there and not directly go to the details dashboard as it hold 3 million of data which takes more time to load.


      Question- Is there a way we can make sure the Details dashboard open up quickly without taking more time to load even if the users directly click on it without going to Main dashboard? or can we hide the details dashboard tab on the workbook on tableau server and still the users can drill down to details from the Main dashboard?

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          Hari Ankem

          Since you are using Action filters, what you can do is to "Leave the filter" after clearing the selected value. So, when you are publishing to the server hopefully the details dashboard will have fewer records to display for some default selection that you may have had put. Now, if the user wants to get the required data for a different set, he will need to go from the master dashboard and and click on the required selections to filter accordingly. Note: You may want to include a note in the detail dashboard that the user can change the filter criteria from the master dashboard only.

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            Tyson  Sam

            Thanks for the suggestion!!