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    Filter by linked field after first filtering by unlinked field

    Michael Fulton

      Hello, I have three data sources, let's call them BioData, ActivityCodes,  and EventCodes. They all share a linked field, which is a unique ID number called Pidm.


      I would like to create a dashboard, where a user can first filter by ActivityCode or EventCode, to see which the count of Pidms who participated in the activity or event. I would then like for the other dataset to be filtered by the Pidms remaining.


      For example: Let's say a user chooses to view the Pidms who attended "Event X". They would choose that EventCode in the EventCode filter. Then, I would like for the ActivityCodes filter to "cascade" to only show the reamining ActivityCodes available for the currently selected Pidm population, who attended Event X.


      Generally, first filter by a non-linked field, and then automatically have Tableau filter the second data source by the linked field of Pidm.


      Thank you