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    Need to create a group/set for "Other" on a bar chart that changes by sheet

    Melissa Fanucci

      Hi all! I've done some digging around here and found some answers to this but nothing that fully solved my problem so I hope you can help me. I'd like to group all values under a certain percentage of the total (say, under 5%) into an "Other" line. But when I do it to one sheet it affects the other sheets in the workbook even though the values change.


      1. How would I write a calculated field that separates all number of record values under a certain percentage threshold;

      2. How do I apply that calculated field so it creates an "Other" bar in my bar chart?


      In the sample database below, I have two sheets - one showing genres by Disney, one showing genres by all other studios. I'd like to group anything under 5% for both of these sheets. Help!


      Thank you in advance!