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    Is this view possible in Tableau?


      Folks - is the following Excel derived view possible within Tableau?  The closest I can get is a side-by-side bar chart and the "average days to close" line as a separate, dual-axis measure, but I am unable to get the "average days to close" line to actually show up as a line across the entire table, rather than just within each month column.  Also, is it even possible to have both the "backlog" and "average days to close" as lines (I had to build the Tableau view with "backlog" included in the Measure Values as a bar since I am ignorant on how to have more than one line within this dual axis setup)?  --thanks


      P.S. I am unable to share the workbook without a ton of masking - I was hoping you all could provide an answer based on a visual...?

      P.S.S. Don't worry about the months or numbers matching between the two graphs, I'm only concerned with formatting/display at this point.


      Excel-derived view:


      My feeble attempts within Tableau: