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    Automate - Tableau Extract refresh

    Gunarathinam Mahaligham



      I am in process of automating the deployment of tableau content from dev server to QA and production.

      Using Tableau REST API to achieve this using python client library. and the tableau server 2018.1

      Get Started


      I tried to download the workbook and data source from dev and edit the DB connection details to connect QA DB.

      When I publish the content with extracts, i see the schedules embedded in workbook/data source are not published by default.

      Good if we get the right approach to achieve this.


      I tried the second approach of using tableau command line utility,  Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility

      This work exceptionally well to refresh the extracts from desktop, but this command is not available in tableau server as it applies only to desktop.


      I tries the third approach, using tab command tabcmd Commands

      but doesn't have extensive options as like tableau command-line utility, no argument support for site_id, database credentials.


      Is there any best approach to achieve my requirements or am I missing anything?


      Thanks in advance.