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    Can I use more than one parameter to filter a single dimension in my dataset?

    Laurence Turner

      Hi All,


      I have a problem I have been grappling with this afternoon that I would appreciate some help on. I have checked for other posts on the forum/online but have not had any luck!


      Unfortunately I cannot post the dataset due to confidentiality - but it is very simple, it contains 'Nationality' (string), and 'Date' (date) as dimensions, and Value' (number, decimal) as a measure. Details are as follows.


      Allow dashboard user to select 5 different countries. Graph these countries' values as a time series on a line chart with a separate line for each country chosen.
      I do not want to use a filter, specifically because I would like to cap the max no of lines on a chart at 5.


      I have created 5 parameters from my dimension 'Nationality'. These parameters simply let the user pick a country from the available fields in the 'Nationality' dimension.
      I would like to create a calculation that then allows the user to filter the dataset to only show values for these five countries. (this is where I am getting stuck)
      I would like to then chart these countries as separate lines on the line chart





      Any help/guidance is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.