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    Combine Actual Data with Projected Data from Forecast?

    Mark Gordon

      Is it possible to manipulate the data that is produced by tableau when you apply a forecast to a view?


      I have a workbook which displays monthly subscription renewal rates going back to 2014, and from which I have been able to generate a forecast for the remainder of this calendar year. 


      I also have a summary sheet which shows the total rates for each quarter of the year.  What I want to do is to combine the actual and projected values, so that if I want to look at a quarter which has been part-completed, Tableau would work out a projected figure based on an average of the actual and projected values.  For example, if I was to look at the data at the end of April (which is period 1 of Q2 for us), Tableau would take the actual for July and the forecast projections for May and June and work out an average.  I can display these projected figures in a viz, but I can't see or think of any way to leverage these values into a field that I can then use.


      I've attached a packaged workbook (10.5) which demonstrates what I'm trying to do - basically as in the screen shot below, I want the summary figure to show the average of the figures in the lower table, where currently it only shows the actual for April.  I would also want it to show a quarterly projection for quarters 3 and 4 in this instance.


      Quarterly Summary.JPG