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    Daily Snapshot of results without historical data

    Eric Sloan

      Hi there,


      So I am trying to track the number of clients our reps are working with overtime. The issue is this can not be done historically given our dataset. So if a Rep has 5 clients on Monday and on boards two new clients through out the day on tuesday the rep should have 7.


      Right now i can only see how many clients the rep currently has.


      How do i set this up so when my data refreshes each night the results are saved historically.




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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Eric


          Are you getting regular basis. if you use live then it automatically current data and in your case not maintaining old records in db then it will show new records only.

          Create extract in tableau with incremental extract.

          Add schedule in server and it will show you new and old records. if you add full load then it will bring from all records avail in db.


          Configure an incremental extract refresh

          Rather than refreshing the entire extract, you can configure a refresh to add only the rows that are new since the previous time you extracted the data. For example, you may have a data source that is updated daily with new sales transactions. Rather than rebuild the entire extract each day, you can just add the new transactions that occurred that day. Then once a week you might want to do a full refresh just to be sure you have the most up to date data.

          Note: Most data sources support an incremental refresh.

          You can follow the steps below to set up an extract to be refreshed incrementally.

          1. Select a data source on the Data menu and then select Extract Data.
          2. In the Extract Data dialog box, select All rows as the number of Rows to extract. Incremental refresh can only be defined when you are extracting all rows in the database. You cannot increment a sample extract.
          3. Select Incremental refresh and then specify a column in the database that will be used to identify new rows. For example, if you select a Date field, refreshing will add all rows whose date is after that last time you refreshed. Alternatively, you can use an ID column that increases as rows are added to the database.