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    Apache drill with tableau integration

    Bhavana Khairnar

      Hello Everyone,


      I was thinking of doing  integration of tableau with apache drill, so below are the steps I have followed so that I can connect Tableau with Apache Drill,


      1. Downloaded and installed JDK latest version.

      2. Downloaded and Installed  MapR ODBC driver


      my Tableau version is 2018.1 , now I know when I installed apache drill one dummy dataset comes with it in Json format. So i was thinking I'll connect to that and start exploring.


      But when i come to this window




      and If I write localhost as my server name, it gives me error. What should I do ? I dont have any real server name to connect to. I was just wanted to test it on dummy data.
      My question is how will I connect to dummy Json data which comes with Apache drill?  What should I write in server section?


      This is the link I am following https://drill.apache.org/docs/using-apache-drill-with-tableau-10-2/#step-1:-install-and-configure-the-mapr-drill-odbc-driver

      Using Apache Drill with Tableau 10.2 - Apache Drill


      Tableau Version : 2018.1

      Apache Drill : 1.14.0

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          Hello Bhavana,


          It looks like the image you attempted to attach did not attach properly. Try editing and reinserting the image. Additionally, can you share the error message that is being received when attempting to write to the local host. There might be other users that have seen the error and our team can better assist with finding solutions when presented with the full body of the error message.



          Byrne, Patrick