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    Tableau Prep - Column Formatting

    David Lopez

      Hi Fellow Tableau Users!


      I've seen this question been kicked around prior to Prep's release, but I was wondering if there's a solution that Tableau has implemented and I just haven't figure it out.


      Here's my issue/problem...


      I pull in a dirty data file (excel workbook) and do some cleaning, join, and a calc field or two and get the data "clean" to my likeing. Once it's cleaned I order the columns in a manner I'd like the .csv output to produce, but it never does. It always does it in alphabetical order, and not the order in which I set it up in prep. It's great that Prep can get me to the final yardline of my process but this one tiny issue is keeping me from being 100% complete.

      A small example:


      I order my cells in prep as the following.....

      -Recruitment Type

      -Req ID

      -Job Posting Title

      -#Open Postions Remaining


      and Prep will output them as this....


      -#Open Positions Remaining

      -Job Posting Title

      -Recruitment Type

      -Req ID


      I know this doesn't seem like a major issue, but our clients want all 74 of their columsn in a certain order, and I can't seem to figure it out in prep.


      Anyone out there come across this issue with any potential solutions?