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    Time Series w/ Spatial Data and multiple filters - Tableau will not recognize YYYY dates

    Corey Dickinson

      Hi All,


      I'm working with a Tableau Public project involving spatial data over time. I'm very new to tableau, so perhaps there's something obvious I am missing.


      I'm hoping to show how the numbers have evolved over time and to highlight a few trends. I've managed to get it to sort of work by setting the year values as measure filters and sorting through them like that, which can be seen in the version I've linked to. However, unless they are recognized as years I cannot get it to quite work, and I won't be able to utilize some of the other graphs requiring date formats. Heres a link to the project so far:


      Gateway Project


      I'm tried doing some of the suggested conversions online, but I run into a different problem when I do that. My data has two categories of information - the "ZONE", which spatially joins with my shapefile, and the "LABEL", which is a subcategory of information inside of each zone. It's worth noting several zones do not have all of the different "LABEL" Catagories. In order to convert a whole column of information to Date format, I would lose both of these levels of information, and the column headers would be replaced by a scrunched together combination of these two values. I've tried importing that into tableau in that format, and it was not really useable because of the inability to join spatially, and the inability to filter by ZONE or LABEL. See below for examples:


      Current Data Format:


      ZONEFloyd BennettCanarsie PierFort Tilden
      LABELAviator SportsBikes of Walk-insBikes of Walk-ins


      Combined Data Format (Useless, and cannot be spatially joined):


      Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.10.50 AM.png


      I am guessing the solution to all of this has to do with reformatting the data somehow, but I am unsure of the best way to do this. Maybe there's a way to make the combined data import in a more useable way? Any advice?




      - C