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    Tableau Workflow error

    Angel Sinha

      Dear All,


      Has anyone come across this error?


      I'd like to get a better idea of what's happening in the background?

      1. Does Tableau Prep consolidate all requests into 1 query big query and throw it back to Oracle?

      2. Or does it get the individual query requests first and then uses our local machine's resources to execute the workflow?


      Basically, I'm not able to figure out which part is running out of memory. Is it the temporary space in Oracle database or is it my local machine's memory?




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          Anushka A

          Hi Angel,

          When do you encounter the error?

          Prep has 2 modes of execution:

          1. Authoring: When you are building out the flow, you are usually processing a sample of data from your input datasources. This data is ingested into Hyper and transformation results are processed against that so your see immediate results in the profiles.

          2. Batch: When you run the flow to produce an output datasource, we do what you described in 1 - consolidate all the transformations into what seems like a large query that we push down to your source DBs if that's the most efficient execution policy determined by Tableau's federation engine.


          If you see the out of memory error in Authoring mode, I'd recommend limiting the data in the sample (in the Input Step you can adjust Sample settings) and give it another try. If you see an error in Batch mode, I'd recommend filing a Support case (Support Case | Tableau Software ) for further investigation/trouble-shooting.




          Senior Product Manager, Tableau Prep

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            Angel Sinha

            Hi Anushka,


            Thanks for replying.


            We encountered this error during Batch execution. I'll file a support case for further troubleshooting.