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    Extract and live connection issues - Tableau 10.4

    D G

      Hi ,

      I am  using tableau 10.4 with Apache Drill .

      Recently I am facing issues with (not sure if this is tableau issue )

      I have field range from 0 to 500 . when I connect through live connection and when I click on describe of the field value It says " The single value is null " whereas I dont have any null in my fileds .

      When I change the connection to extract it  works perfectly and gives me the range  values of field.

      What could be the issue ?


      Appreciate the help !



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          Hello D G,


          That is an interesting behavior that is occurring. I would try to update the driver if there is an update available. Does the field by chance populate values and it is just properly returning the metadata for the column for the descibe feature? Additionally can you share a screen shot of what you are seeing as I want to be sure we talking about the same feature.



          Byrne, Patrick