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    Plot ratios in graph in Tableau

    Jonah CHua



      I would like to plot ratios from Financial Statements into graphs in Tableaus easily. This can be done in Excel, but, I would like to check if Tableau can also do it.


      My main purpose is to plot a graph the following for example

      I tried in Tableau, and it only shows

      Which I don't have good measures, and dimenions.


      Can somebody assist?

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          Jayshree Dawrewar

          Hi Jonah,


          Tableau best supports columnar data spreadsheets. Sometimes if the dala is not clean you can use Data Interpreter option available under the connection / data source you used.



          try using this. I have tried this with your Customised Ratio tab. Rest of you tabs need some formatting it has blank spaces and blank columns.


          Hope this helps!



          Jayshree Dawrewar