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    Does Tableau check if Third Party Cookies are enabled or not?

    Yazid Erman

      We are integrating Tableau Dashboards with our application, and everything works well, but whenever the Third Party Cookies are disabled on the client's browser, we only get the login page instead of the dashboard content. For better user experience, the solution could be at least inform the user that his browser has some configuration issues, instead of only misleading him with the login page.


      I wonder as this is a common issue, does Tableau provide a built-in way to check the browser settings and show an appropriate message in case the required cookies are not supported? especially that building this check on the application level will be heavy as performance wise.

      I guess the following function, for example, should support passing a parameter to enable the precheck and show a custom message:


          tableauSoftware.Viz(target, url, parameters)


      Otherwise, what could be the best practice as per Tableau philosophy?