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    Group distinct count by it's sum value

    Anna Nathasia



      I am having difficulties on doing grouping in Tableau.


      I want to create a histogram to calculate the count distinct of drivers who receive the sum of complaints during the selected period.

      I've tried loads of things but still can't figure this out.


      My dataset looks like this:

      Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 00.17.19.png


      What I want to make will look similar like this (inside chart and table). However, I still can't get the value in the table/chart right.

      This chart group the distinct count of drivers who each have the same complaint value inside the bin.

      The chart should only count the driver when their total sum of complaint during the selected period is equal to the bin size.

      (i.e. for the period Jan-Mar '18,

      Bin 0: 1 driver (A)

      Bin 1 : 0 driver

      Bin 2: 0 driver

      Bin 3: 2 driver (B, C)

      Bin 4: 0 driver

      Bin 5: 1 driver (D)

      Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 00.18.30.png


      I attached the file just in case.


      Additionally, could you suggest me what I should learn to deepen my skills for this particular problem?

      Really appreciate your help!