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    apply one dimension filter selection value to other dimension

    raghava B

      Hello Guys,


      I'm struck with some issue on dimension filters.

      My data looks like


      Home Countrymoved to country
      South AfricaJapan
      South AfricaUK
      South AfricaGermany
      GermanySouth Africa
      IndiaSouth Africa
      MalaysiaSouth Africa

      In sheet 1, when I select South Africa from dimension filter (Home country) then I will some thing like

      South Africa-- Japan

      South Africa-- UK

      South Africa-- Germany


      in sheet 2,I want to see

      moved to country     Home country

      South Africa               Germany

      South Africa               Malaysia

      South Africa               India

      I have a limitation that Home country filter on sheet 1 will apply on sheet 2 also.

      I cant use parameters for 2 reasons

      1-The Home country values will keep updating in future.

      2- User wants multiple values using selection for Home country filter.

      Long story short, I want to pick the (Home country) dimension filter selected values  and pass on the same on to sheet 2 (Moved to country column) as both the columns got same values.

      Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks.