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    How can I move the location of Tableau Prep repository?


      I'm trialling Tableau Prep and have not really used Tableau much previously. At the moment it's creating extremely large log files (~0.5GB) (it's crashing a lot which is another conversation) which my computer attempts to back up because they are located in the 'Documents' directory, however it's ruining my internet connection when I'm at home. Due to my setup I cannot prevent a directory in 'Documents' from attempting to sync to the cloud (I have separate work directories which are able to be switched on/off to sync, but the Documents directory is not because it's attached to my personal OneDrive account).

      Is there any way to move the repository directory and/or the location of the log files? This product seems to be an excellent solution for my company, however this issue and the constant bugs and crashes are making me wonder whether it's too early to implement this. Would it help if I reinstalled?