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    Difference between points on Line Chart - Multiple Parameters

    Jonathan Abernathy

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I have a dataset that looks like the following:

      9-7-2018 4-34-27 PM.png


      I am trying to show a line graph broken out by months that uses a calculated field for the NET Increase/Decrease between each month for each ORG/PLAN (as shown in the "Value Change" column above).


      I found the following formula through the Tableau Forums:

      • sum([TOTAL]) - lookup(sum([TOTAL]),-1)


      But this formula does not work for me as intended (unless I am using it wrong). I need the formula to identify ORG & PLAN (important note: multiple PLANS can exist under a single ORG) to compare the values specific to each plan's month over month change. The above formula seems to work sequentially within the TOTAL field without concern to the parameters surrounding the data.


      I have attached the above sample excel workbook if anyone would be able assist (without the Value Change column).


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.