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    Filter with multiple data sources

    Michael Fulton



      I have a question on a specific problem I am having related to filtering with multiple data sources.


      I have data sources, one called "events", one called "activity", and one called "volunteer activity". Each of the three data sources has data on the same individuals who are identified by a unique ID number.


      I am trying to create a dashboard, where when a user filters to only view metrics for individuals who have attended a certain event, activity, or volunteer activity, the other two data sources are also filtered to only show metrics on those individuals.


      Here is an example: User decides to filter using the events data source, and wants to only view ID numbers which attended the event "football_game". Then, the user can choose to see which activity and volunteer activities remain after the user has chosen the football_game as the event. So only activity and volunteer activity which football_game attendees have is now selectable under the activity and volunteer filters.


      I know this isn't very clear but any help is appreciated.