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    Excel connection will not update on Server

    James Kording

      Hello everyone,


      I have exhausted all options that I know of here and am in need of assistance.  I have a workbook that connects directly to an excel workbook.  When in Tableau desktop, I can refresh the data source just fine and newly added data in the excel file populates in the Tableau workbook.  The issue comes when I publish the workbook to Tableau server.  The data will not refresh.  I've tried a live connection, extracting the data and then publishing the data source and then the workbook, I checked to see if the server has access to the directory the data source is and tried other directories I know with 100% certainty it has access to.  Nothing has worked.  I also tried to edit the connection to the UNC path once published to the server; however, the edit connection option is greyed out.  I am a Server Admin for our Tableau server and I am not sure why it is not an option.


      Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


      Thank you,