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    Back button from D Dashboard to A

    Amit Kalia

      Hi All,


      I have a Workbook contains many Dashboards (Lets say A, B, C & D) , And on every A, B, C dashboard; there is an icon which redirects to dashboard D (Using actions in dashboards). I want to have back button on D dashboard which should open the same dashboard from where it has been directed.


      If I click Icon from B dashboard - it will direct/open the D dashboard and if I click on the back button from D dashboard...IT SHOULD REDIRECT/OPEN to B DASHBOARD ONLY (Not A or C)


      I hope I explained my scenario clearly, thanks in advance



      Thank You

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          Hari Ankem

          I am doubtful that you can achieve the desired functionality since Tableau does not keep track/record of what you did in the prior dashboard. The URL action will only let you go to the destination when a certain criteria is satisfied. Instead of trying to achieve the back functionality, you may want to provide a sort-of menu listing vertically or horizontally and set URL actions accordingly.

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            Joe Oppelt

            I know what you're asking for, and I've not seen an easy way to do that.  We certainly don't have a built-in feature for it.


            I can imagine ways to make it work, but not anything easy.


            In the attached workbook I once hacked up an example to display different things based on which sheet (or even which value) was clicked.  See Dashboard 2.  (Dashboard 5 does the same thing, but just pops out an object in a different place.)


            It involves using a small data source that has simple values, and I build sheets that display or not (pop out) based on what value gets passed to it.


            The same principle could be used in a filter action to your dashboard-D.  You would pass 1 or 2 or 3 depending on which dashboard it was called from.  And that would pop out one of three different pop-out sheets.  Only one would pop out, and that pop-out would reveal a "go back" button.  Depending on which dashboard was the source dashboard, the appropriate "go back" would be available to the user (and only that one "go back" button.)  There would be three of them, but only one would display.  If they all look the same, the user wouldn't know that there are three.


            So it's complicated on the part of the designer, but the end user interface would look the way you want it.

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              ShivaRam Chennapragada

              I understand you, like others mentioned there is currently no quick solution except a complex work around. However, the navigation feature is now available in Beta if you want to give it a try. Note that Beta versions are not suited for production environment. Here's more on that topic.




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                Joe Oppelt

                Shiva -- I'm going to have to play with this to get familiar with it.  (I have beta here.)  But I thought this was just a simplified way to go to a different dashboard without having to design a button sheet and set an action on it.


                Will we also have the capability to track where we came from (which is what Amit is asking for) and therefore use the button object to go to different dashboards conditionally to return to the originating dashboard?

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                  ShivaRam Chennapragada

                  Joe- I might've missed that part or misinterpreted it. I totally agree with you, it is just an out of the box solution for what we've been doing for navigation. But I do not think it would actually remember and go back to the dashboard which you came from. Sorry!


                  But this sure sounds like one for the ideas forum.




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                    Amit Kalia

                    Thanks all for replying. I've also checked the beta version and link shared by Shiva, the button in beta will help to add the Navigation dashboard and there is no option to set the source dashboard for that. Only "undo" arrow which is already available seems the option to go back to source destination.