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    Tableau Prep - Data Type Change Not Working

    Wendell Mott

      I'm just getting started with Prep and I'm starting with 2018.1.2.  From what I'm understanding from the help files, I should be able to change the Data Type from my Data source window.  The Data Type is in blue, which normally indicates that you can click on it and it will give you the options.  When I right or left click on the data type symbol, nothing happens.  I can change the data type later on in the flow, but it won't let me do it at the source.  Is this the way it's supposed to work or am I missing something?


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          Jim Dehner


          did not have a problem using LEFT click




          attache your workbook and I will look at it


          also an update was released yesterday - you may want to install it and try again



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