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    Line Graphs - two measures, set color of second measure to lighter shade

    Lee Yang

      I am at a bottleneck.


      I have two measures:  first match result and second match result. 


      I have three products over a four quarter period.


      I am trying to compare the two measures over time for each of the three products, all on one line graph.


      I want the second match result measure to be the same colors as the first match, but only at a lighter shade.  Thus far, I have the product name on the color icon but it doesn't seem to like more than one measure on there.


      In the screen shot below, I have blue, orange , and yellow to distinguish the three products.  Each product has two lines, one for first match, one for second match.  I want the second match to be light blue, light orange, and light yellow.  Is there a way to do this? tableau product help pic.png